Do you know the differences between 4-wheel and 3-wheel electric forklifts?

Electric forklift trend is increasing but there are 4-wheel and 3-wheel for different usages.

    As you may be familiar with 4-wheel forklifts both engine and electric trucks. However, have you ever tried a 3-wheel forklift before? As its name, a 3-wheel forklifts have 3 wheels for operations; 2 wheels on front and single or dual wheels on the rear. According to this characteristics, a 3-wheel forklift has maneuverability for narrow and low ceiling operations that require tighter turning radius and flexible movement. In return, a 3-wheel forklift tends to have less lifting capacity. Not most of the time operating outdoor, its main operations are indoor, racking, container and other areas with narrow space. To have a clearer picture, let’s us compare our 3-wheel and 4-wheel forklifts in the below session.

Our Suggestion

    Let’s compare the differences between our 4-wheel and 3-wheel electric forklifts!!

Now we have a product refreshment especially the newest technology safety option from Toyota for our 3-wheel forklifts. It is not only environmental friendliness matter, but also safety for your operations because “SAFETY FIRST” is our top priority.

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