Li-Ion battery : New trending battery type for Thai market

Don’t you want to risk your business by using low quality Li-Ion battery?

    Li-Ion battery is trending in Thailand for a few years, but it is not well accepted by all because they are not sure how it works, how it helps or how safe it is. You may have noticed some news regarding Li-Ion battery accident such as explosion causing huge damages and loss. The reason could be not high-quality and standardized Li-Ion with enough safety functions. Therefore, it is better if you invest in the trusted and globally accepted brands to prevent any risk to your operations. Moreover, the right Li-Ion battery will serve you as a high technology support rather than a dangerous equipment threat.

Our Suggestion

    We suggest you our “high quality Li-Ion battery” for your operation!!

Our High-Quality Li-Ion Battery Certified by Manufacturer


    – 3 times longer lifecycle than a lead-acid battery
    – No watering
    – No special charging rooms or space for spare batteries
    – Improved charging efficiency for reduced energy costs
    – Quick recharge during breaks
    – No need for battery swapping
    – Suitable for intense operations; single & multi shifts
    – No hazardous gases or exposure to acids


    Battery Management System (BMS)
    The brain behind the battery plays a significant role in its levels of safety, performance, charge rates, and longevity. Being the best matching between controller and BMS, it helps maximize and balance performance between the Li-Ion battery and the forklift to work together more effectively.

Customer’s Case

    Segment : Food & Beverage
    Working Hours : 24 Hours (3 Shifts)
    Level of Operation : Intense
    Length of Use : 2 Years
    Battery Life Span 90% Remaining!!

Comparing to a cell phone, even a high quality one with intenive use will last about 4 years or need to change battery within 2 years. However, our LI-Ion battery life span still 90% remaining after 2-year intensive use. HOW EXCELLENT!!

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