Is the fluctuating oil price increase haunting your business operation?

Oil price is increasing while businesses are suffering…

    As everyone is experiencing the oil price increase crisis, you can notice that it has a great impact on our businesses. It can be assumed that this issue has been going for so long, and it will not be coped easily in short time. As for businesses related forklift operation, we are familiar that engine forklift such as diesel type can serve us very well in terms of strong performance when tough operations. However, we may not know that electric forklift is as good as the diesel type, and it has several benefits compared to the diesel one. Therefore, investing in the electric forklift is an optional solution to prevent the impact of oil price increase crisis.

Our Suggestion

    We suggest you invest in “electric forklifts” to run your business with long-term cost reduction scheme.

Cost Effective Cycle

8FBE Narrow Space Expert

    Less Turning Radius

8FBN Rough Operation Expert

    Iron Parts

8FB Attachment Operation Expert

    Complex Attachments

Toyota battery electric counterbalanced forklifts allow for outstanding productivity and power with no operating emissions, plus significantly reduced noise levels. Our electric counterbalanced forklifts are available as 3 or 4-wheel models of different sizes for a variety of applications.

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