8FBE Product Refreshment : New Options and SEnS+

    LED Front Combination Lights

    LED Lights are used on the rear combination lights and available as options for headlights and front combination lights.

    Color Multifunction Display

    Visibility and operability with various information have been improved by larger high-resolution color LCD.

    Fork Vibration Damper

    By installing two accumulators in the hydraulic circuit of lift cylinder, fork vibration is absorbed over a wide range of load weight.


    Supporting operators to avoid collision with unnoticed obstacles for achieving safe operation.

    Key-off light-off function

    Whenever the “Key-off” function is activated, the light goes out automatically. This avoids needless electric power consumption.

    Slope Sensing Auto Power Mode Selector

    This detects the slope angle and automatically switches the driving performance to high power mode.

    Supporting operators to avoid collision with unnoticed obstacles for achieving safe operation and Reduction of accidents caused by hitting to pedestrians in moving backward is a priority issue at logistics worksites.

    Traveling speed control

    The 3-level notification range is set. The notification level varies and controled according to the detection target, traveling speed and steering angle.

    Start control

    The operator is notified about obstacles behind the forklift before starting to move. If the operator attempts to reverse with an obstacle detected in the detection range, truck movement will be limited for safe operation.

    High-performance stereo camera

    The camera installed at the rear of a forklift detects pedestrians by distinguishing from unspecified obstacles within the detection range.

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