H Series Diesel FD35

The H series offers the best price-performance ratio ever for CT Power product line. With its larger size, the H series is designed for working environments that demand higher capacity and stronger loading capability.


ประเภทของรถ Diesel
ความสามารถในการบรรทุก (kg) 3500
ระยะจุดศูนย์ถ่วงของน้ำหนักที่ยก (mm) 500
ความกว้างของตัวรถ (mm) [A] 1265
รัศมีวงเลี้ยว (mm) [B] 2670
ความสููงตัวรถ (mm) [C] 2170
ความยาวจากท้ายรถถึงแผงงา (mm) [D] 2945
ความสูงของเสายก (mm) 3000


Model H Series Diesel FD30 H Series Diesel FD35
ประเภทของรถ Diesel Diesel
ความสามารถในการบรรทุก (kg) 3000 3500
ระยะจุดศูนย์ถ่วงของน้ำหนักที่ยก (mm) 500 500
ความกว้างของตัวรถ (mm) [A] 1265 1265
รัศมีวงเลี้ยว (mm) [B] 2550 2670
ความสููงตัวรถ (mm) [C] 2170 2170
ความยาวจากท้ายรถถึงแผงงา (mm) [D] 2835 2945
ความสูงของเสายก (mm) 3000 3000
Detail Detail









    Comfort Upgrade

    Ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue from long working long hours,
    increases operating space, improves work efficiency, and makes drivers
    more comfortable operating the forklift.

    Imported type damping cushion, vibration reduced by 20%, Sound damping
    material installed beneath the foot pedal, decreases noise by 5%.

    Smaller wheel reduced operating force by 16% and greatly improve work efficiency.

    Increased Heat Dissipation Space

    Faster heat dissipation, increase ventilation and improve heat transfer by 30%.

    Brake System Upgrade

    Brake lever increases 40mm, Pedal force reduces by 10%, others easier operation.

    Unibody frame

    Boltless, unibody design increases strength by 20%, improves safety and allows the forklift
    to handle uneven surfaces and curvy paths, and can withstand long, rigorous transporting operation.

    Easy to Read Digital Instrument

    Digital instrument panel, more intuitive and accurate Easier maneuver of Forklift.

    Neutral Gear Start Function

    Added neutral gear start function, greatly improving driving safety and
    damages caused by wrong operation.

    Reflective Strip (standard)

    Reflective strip as standard equipment improves operation safety for indoors and at night.