7LS Series Gasoline 3.5 T.

The 7LS is the revolutionary upgrade from the proven classic 7L series, improving performance reliability and durability its compact size and revised rear axle enables better maneuverability in tight space, faster and smoother simultaneous operations in steering, lifting and tilting; and redesigned counterweight with up to 40% more airflow enhanced heat dissipation and can withstand harsher working environment.


ประเภทของรถ Gasoline
ความสามารถในการบรรทุก (kg) 3500
ระยะจุดศูนย์ถ่วงของน้ำหนักที่ยก (mm) 500
ความกว้างของตัวรถ (mm) [A] 1280
รัศมีวงเลี้ยว (mm) [B] 2615
ความสููงตัวรถ (mm) [C] 2170
ความยาวจากท้ายรถถึงแผงงา (mm) [D] 2890
ความสูงของเสายก (mm) 3000


Model 7LS Series Gasoline 1.5 T. 7LS Series Gasoline 1.8 T. 7LS Series Gasoline 2.0 T. 7LS Series Gasoline 2.5 T. 7LS Series Gasoline 3.0 T. 7LS Series Gasoline 3.5 T.
ประเภทของรถ Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
ความสามารถในการบรรทุก (kg) 1500 1800 2000 2500 3000 3500
ระยะจุดศูนย์ถ่วงของน้ำหนักที่ยก (mm) 500 500 500 500 500 500
ความกว้างของตัวรถ (mm) [A] 1065 1065 1158 1158 1280 1280
รัศมีวงเลี้ยว (mm) [B] 1950 1950 2170 2250 2400 2615
ความสููงตัวรถ (mm) [C] 2130 2130 2145 2145 2170 2170
ความยาวจากท้ายรถถึงแผงงา (mm) [D] 2235 2235 2460 2505 2720 2890
ความสูงของเสายก (mm) 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
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    Comfortable Operation Space

    Ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue from long working hours, increases operating space,
    improves work efficiency through revision that gave more power and speed in simultaneous operations
    while driving, lifting and tilting.

    Unibody frame

    Boltless, unibody design increases strength by 20%, improves safety and allows the forklift to
    handle uneven surfaces and curvy paths, and can withstand long, rigorous transporting operation.
    New Counterweight with Enhanced Heat Dissipation New design offers as much as 40% more
    airflow compared to the competition. Faster heat dissipation lowers engine temperatures while
    facilitating maintenance.

    Hi Performance Steering Gear System

    Hydraulic steering gear system with revised stronger steering axle facilitates turning in
    tight spaces and can withstand more stringent working environment.

    New Hydraulic System

    1. Easier to maneuver, more flexible, reduces operating force by 16% and greatly improves work efficiency.
    2. Japanese brand NOK O-rings prevents oil leakage with high resistance to hot and cold environment.

    Tailift Transmission (Patented)

    Tailift’s self-designed transmission uses advanced hydrodynamics for great precision and
    smoothness equipped with automotive grade gears, Tailift’s transmission is powerful smooth,
    quiet, and durable.