The New Big Move Towards Multiple Path Way

    Idemitsu Super Endurance Southeast Asia Trophy 2023, an epic racing event was held during December 21-23, 2023. This year’s theme was “Multi-Pathway,” which emphasizes a strategy “Low and zero emission mobility solutions are designed to meet specific regional needs; products which satisfy customer demand or are relevant to their local infrastructure while remaining accessible so that no one is left behind on the journey to carbon neutrality (CN)”.
    The event consists of partners from all over Thailand who have the same ambitions for zero emissions. To pursue the same mission of Carbon Neutrality Society, it was a pleasure and good opportunity for Toyota Material Handling Thailand (TMHTH), Toyota Tsusho Forklift Thailand (TTFL), and Bangkok Industrial Gas (BIG) to collaborate and display in the same booth and express our message to all customers, visitors and participants of “Zero Emission Contribution”. Apart from on-road emissions perspective such as vehicles, at our exhibition booth TMHTH, TTFL, BIG jointly exhibited CO2 reduction Multi-Pathway to focus on off-road emissions perspective such as factories and warehouses for contributing to CN society consisting of below solutions related to a clean hydrogen.

    1. Multi-Pathway Forklift Solutions Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has been contributing to such environmental measures to continuously reduce emissions by introducing various models of forklifts as Multi-Pathway.
    1) Lead Acid Battery: 1st Production in 1964
    2) Lithium-Ion Battery: 1st Launch of TICO LIB Integrated with Toyota Forklift in 2022
    3) Fuel Cell forklifts: 1st Delivery of Fuel Cell Forklift in Thailand 2023
    2. Battery Storage System (BSS)
    TTFL has been developing a newly clean solution called BSS to reduce battery disposal and utilize reconditioned batteries for saving renewable energy from solar panels to further produce electricity for power supply.

    3. BIG’s Hydrogen Purification Equipment
    Electrolyzer, Hydrogen Cylinders, and Hydrogen Dispenser to support producing electricity from clean source, clean hydrogen called “Green Hydrogen”.

    BIG is a leader of innovation and technology of clean energy who has been offering clean solutions to customers by producing Hydrogen (H2) from natural gas, biogas, BIG’s low carbon hydrogen and other clean energy sources through Hydrogen System Integrator.

We hope our messages will reach everyone and help raise the importance of zero emissions. We are ready to discuss and provide solutions to you regarding CN to drive all business segments in Thailand to a brighter and better future!!

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